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I’m thrilled to tell you that with brewing now firmly underway we have some exciting beer coming your way. Starting as we mean to go on, for our first full brew we have a bold, hoppy DIPA that has just been kegged and packaged into cans. Brewed with plenty of new-world hops, you can expect its aroma to flood the nose with lots of citrus and apricots along with hints of spice and pine.

The second we have the pleasure of bringing you is our Imperial, or, Impy Stout. An adjunct free beer; loads of different varieties of roasted malts give this beer an incredible level complexity which will fill your senses with dark coffee, chocolate and biscuit tones among many others. With loads of body left in, its one to be savoured.

Also currently in production, we have our hop forward Pale Ale. Made with a mixture of new-world and noble hop strains, this pale offers something much more subtle and sessionable for the coming summer months.

All of our beers will be available in a mixture of cans and craft-keg throughout Perthshire and the surrounding area. Keep your eyes on our social media pages for locations when they become available.

Another developing story is the opening of our very own taproom. We are waiting on getting the correct planning category and then the premises licence application to come back before our own sampling bar becomes available for the public to come and sample our beers. But rest assured, when this happens we will keep you all informed.



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